Chelsea London (cphillips1892) wrote in coolsnlmeetup,
Chelsea London

So, I just joined this dealy a few days ago..whilst I was in London because I knew I would forget to when I got home. Anyway, I know a few of you already, but not all, so I figured I'd share some of my fave SNL Standby pictures...
Boston Pride In NYC
Amy Poehler
Will Forte
Tina Fey
Johnny Damon
All that glamour...yet, this is what you look like the next day after a night of sleepign on the street...
PS-That last picture was taking in April. So much for spring..

Oh, and you can see the rest hurr. Also, I wrote about all of the trips in my journal, and most are in my memories section if you're curious/bored/enjoy living vicariously through others.

That is all.
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